Our Process

Our Process

Quality Delivered Professionally

Quality work is our top priority at Schwabe Contracting, Inc. (SCI).  We also believe that the process of any project is as important as the final result.  This is why, from the start of any home improvement project to the finish, all of our employees are conscious of keeping the process and progress moving successfully forward in a timely manner while keeping your home safe and clean for the duration of the project.  Some projects will have difficult phases, but SCI is devoted to keeping your home in an orderly fashion for the entire process.

Communications Is Key

Good communication is the most important part of any relationship and that includes your communication with your contractors!  We understand that most homeowners have had at least one poor experience with other contractors.  We believe this is our opportunity to show you the SCI difference.  The key to our process is good communication.  We work to build a great relationship with you before we build anything else.  We are great at building…Period.

What Is Our Process?

Below is a simple outline of the process we, at Schwabe Contracting, Inc., take for a typical home improvement project.   Please feel free to contact us in our office, and we can walk you through the process in detail for your specific project.

Contact Us

The first step is up to you!  You may call our office at 973-512-3933 and talk to our friendly staff or fill out our “Free Estimate” form by clicking here.  The goal is for us to learn a little more about you and the home improvement project you would like to have completed.  Please feel free to contact us no matter what size the project may be….whether it’s changing a fixture or a major renovation, you are a valued customer.  Schwabe Contracting, Inc. (SCI) is devoted to helping you and making your dream project a reality!

Schedule A Free Consultation

Once SCI learns more about you and your project, we would like to meet you and review the job.  It is a 100% free consultation.  Typically, the appointment will last approximately 30 minutes, but this will depend on the type and size of your project.  We are available to accommodate any day or time that is convenient for you including weekends and evenings as we understand many of our clients have varying schedules.

Review Your Home Improvement Project

A project manager from SCI will arrive for your consultation.  This is the person who will review, estimate and run your project if you decide to hire SCI for the job.  The project manager will be your main point of contact and will oversee the construction to completion.  During the free consultation, the project manager will discuss the job with you, offer ideas and solutions, review your options and determine the scope of work.  Any measurements or job specifications will be taken as well.   The project manager will discuss any other necessary details that may be important for your home improvement project.

Receive And Review Your Free Estimate

Once the project manager from SCI has obtained all the necessary information regarding your project, an estimate can be created.  For smaller projects, the project manager may give you an estimate during the consultation.  For larger projects, the project manager will inform you when the estimate will be complete.  Your estimate can be sent to you via email, regular mail, fax or it can be delivered to you in person.  Once you have the completed estimate in hand, the project manager will be in contact with you to review the project to ensure you fully understand all the details.

Make Project Changes

Once you have reviewed the project details and estimate, you may want to make changes to the job based on budget or other job specifications.  The SCI project manager will work with you and revise the estimate until it reflects your budget and desired details.

Schedule Your Project And Sign Contract

Now that the full project has been determined, the SCI project manager will schedule a start date for the job and review a construction contract.  Small projects may not require a construction contract.  The contract is simple by design and easy to understand.  The document will contain basic project details such as the start and completion dates, project cost, payment terms and a full description of the work.  Both parties will receive a signed copy, and we are ready to start your job!


When the start date for the project arrives, SCI will show up to work as promised.  This may be as simple as a 15 minute repair or a two month major addition.  Either way, our staff will deliver quality workmanship and be in constant communication with you during the process.  Each individual project will have different procedures and phases, but rest assured SCI will ensure the job is done in an orderly and professional manner. 


When the project is substantially complete, the SCI project manager will review the entire project with you.  The project manager will create a list of outstanding items that need to be completed on the project.  Our goal during this phase is to make sure that all of your expectations are met or exceeded.

Project Complete

Congratulations!  The job is finished, and you now have experienced the SCI process first hand.  Upon completion of the job, SCI will furnish all project related close-out documents, specifications, fixture and appliance manuals and other important information.

Our Process Survey

Finally, we at Schwabe Contracting, Inc. thank you again for your business and ask if you would please fill out a survey on our process.  We want to make sure that you are happy with the results and also learn how we can improve our services to you and future clients.